“What are you doing there, anyway?”

Lately speaking with a few friends from back in the states, I have been surprised to realize that most of them do not know where I am, what I am doing, and, most importantly, why I am here.  As I thought about it, the fact began to bother me.  I’m not sure I have done a proper job in communicating my story to my beloved friends back home, so I am going to give another brief explanation right now.  (Or you can refer back to my first post from December.)

Beginning in January, I spent two months traveling with a program called Pacific Discovery to finish up a few honors credits for my undergraduate degree.  We spent 9 weeks exploring, volunteering, absorbing the history, and, of course, taking part in all the local fun in four unique fantastic countries: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.  I ended this trip backpacking some fantastic southern Thailand beaches for a few weeks.  
I flew to Kolkata, India on March 30 to start a 9 week internship working with an anti-trafficking organization here.  This was the original reason I wanted to come out to Asia: to gain experience in a grassroots NGO promoting justice and making a real sustainable impact for the struggling.  Saying that, it has been a very challenging transition coming from the lazy backpacker life to working full-time in a crazy, unfamiliar city with all new faces, personalities, culture, and overall lifestyle to adapt to, but it has forced me to face a part of myself that does not come easy and that is something I would not trade for anything.
After my first week and a half of work, through all the struggles, self-doubt, and awkward encounters, I have felt so blessed to be in the position I am and to be able to work with the amazing people I do.  Being in the presence of these real life heroes is such an honor and, even with all my inadequacies, I am glad I can take part of this movement in some small way.
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One thought on ““What are you doing there, anyway?”

  1. I have been following you since your mom gave me the link to your blog. All I can say is this, the stories you tell make it possible for us to see in our minds eye what you are going through…the beauty, emotions and everything else you wrap into your words. Everyone at CUB miss you and when you get back…if you have time…stop and share with us some of the amazing things you have seen and done….ski

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