Luang Probang

We are leaving Laos today and taking a quick flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.  We have had a much needed chill weekend in Luang Probang, Laos.  We took a two-day boat ride down the legendary Mekong River to get there.  I have read so much about all of the history and folklore that originated from the Mekong, so I was pretty awestruck for the first few hours imagining what had taken place on the shores we were passing.  Apparently, it was the most highly bombed country in history in terms of bombs dropped per person during the Vietnam war.  It’s so hard to believe after experiencing a few weeks in this seemingly quiet, peaceful land.  Along the river, the views were spectacular with mountains shooting up from the deep river, and hardly any inhabitants for hours at a time.

Upon arriving in Luang Probang, none of us knew what to expect, as in reaching any new destination. I feel like it’s Christmas everyday on this trip with an unknown adventure around every corner.  I get excited just to wake up every morning to see what’s to happen next, and cannot seem to look further than 3 days ahead in the itinerary because the activities we have planned are all so dreamy and overwhelming to take in all at once. I have gotten a lot better since being here of taking in literally one day…morning, afternoon, and night at a time.  
Back to Luang Probang, this city was when of the most exquisite we have been to yet, and is definitely one of my favorites.  It used to be colonized by the French, and their influence is still extremely evident still with the numerous cafes, baked goods, and architecture.  Honestly, it almost felt like I was in Europe more than Laos many a times.  I think the highlight of my visit was our trip to an outstanding waterfall right outside the village, probably the most beautiful place i have ever been. The waterfall consisted of nearly a dozen layers of aqua blue pools with jumping cliffs, little swimming holes, and a rope swing to play on.  The entire place looked like it was taken straight out of one of those paradise postcards.  I will try to upload pictures ASAP…absolutely breathtaking… I could have spent a week straight exploring those waters.

Other than that, we spent our time gorging in some amazing food, hung out along the river at night engaging in some awesome conversation with people from all over the world, haggling at the elaborate night market, and climbing to the hill temple to watch the sunset over the entire city.  It was one fantastic weekend.  And I have yet another  dream of a week ahead of day at a time.  Amazed every hour that I’m even here, and get to experience these mysterious and exciting places!


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3 thoughts on “Luang Probang

  1. Mom

    Sounds right up your alley! You are in your glory. Have fun . Love you and miss you!! Mom

  2. Kaleigh Kaleigh Kaleigh! and i quote “taking a quick flight to hanoi vietnam” ….!!! life of a traveler. those pools sound so cool [rope swing D:] I am really interested in hearing about the conflict there after talking to you.. ill let you know if i find a book. I am glad to hear how exciting everyday is-makes you look forward to getting up and tackling the unknown. i miss that feeling. Glad we got to talk yesterday, you add more light to my world ❤

    • Aww thanks Abbey! It meant so much to hear from you yesterday morning! Ahh so good to hear froma girlfriend finally! Thanks again for brightening my day and week 🙂 ❤

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