Goodbye Thailand, hello Laos

We finished our last weekend in Thailand with a jam packed week full of Thai culture and activity.  We participated in a Thai cooking class, practiced Muay Thai with the pros and later got to watch a real match  ( honestly not really my cup of tea, but still quite interesting), took an amazingly calming yoga course, trekked to a magical temple in the mountains full of waterfalls (think Rivendale on a smaller scaled).  Chang Mai is definitely a city I will never forget with some memories so unique that only my group will ever be able to understand.  

on after the last few days of traveling by van, we crossed the Mekong River into Laos.  Already this country is a world a part from Thailand with imuch surplus of greenery and rolling mountains, and sudden lack of flocking tourists.  It’s so quiet and peaceful compared to our city venture, and I look forward to our three day trek kayaking in the next few days…like rock climbing was, this is right up my alley!

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Thailand, hello Laos

  1. You are gonna have so many more yoga techniques, you and Kyle will have to teach a class together. Sounds amazing Meeka, make me some thai food ^.^ p.s. my friend does muay thai… don’t understand it either

  2. Mom

    Sounds like you have experienced all facets of the culture. I know you won’t have as easy access to Internet where you are going now but we really appreciate your blog updates! Have fun and stay safe, love you and miss you, Mom and family

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