Best of both worlds ( from feb. 3)

This past weekend we spent 2 days rock climbing, rappelling, and caving in the beautiful mountains near Chang Mai. This experience definitely met all my adventuring desires that had been building up for the last few weeks, and pushed me even further than expected  with my fear of heights rappelling and ziplining over 150 above the cave floor. I even completed some of my hardest climbs to this day! Definitely a time I will hold onto for a long time to come.   And with a guide job offer from one of the instructors, maybe it won’t be long until I am back in the area…:)

We spent the last few days in a Buddhist meditation retreat located in the peaceful countryside outside Chang Mai.  Looking forward to this for a while, I did my best to keep an open mind.  We started with a monk teaching us the details of the Buddhist beliefs and different methods of meditation including sitting, standing, walking, and hand movements.  Finally we began actually practicing the meditations with an experienced monk.  It was fascinating to be among such peaceful people and to be living a life they lived.  We also participated in certain food limitations and rituals and waking up at dawn.   While we were eating, our focus was to not enjoy the food and to only eat until you were no longer hungry.  After a day of practicing with the monk, we were able to meditate most of the second day on our own.  It was definitely eye opening to see how difficult  it was to focus so long. These monks got some serious talent!
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One thought on “Best of both worlds ( from feb. 3)

  1. you gonna be a rock climbing guide in thailand? I’m going to have to read up on Buddhism so we can talk about it when you get back. how do you like it? I’m beginning to think I’m going to send you these questions by email to make it easier haha

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